Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Anwar Ibrahim's Press Statement: VK Lingam Video - Part III

Monday, 28 January 2008 12:45pm
Today I am releasing a third segment of the video tape recording of lawyer VK Lingam that was given to me on Friday, January 25th. This clip adduces additional evidence that the conspiracy currently being investigated by the Royal Commission extends beyond the attempt to fix the appointment of Ahmed Fairuz to the Federal Court.
This new 5-minute segment directly implicates former Chief Justice Dzaiddin Abdullah who has allegedly received bribes from VK Lingam and Vincent Tan so that he cannot attack those two individuals publicly. Dzaiddin Abdullah was the Chief Justice of Malaysia from December 2000 until 2003.
It was quoted as: "And we have given him the most expensive gift. Don't ask about it lah. I have given him and Vincent Tan has given him."While the creation of the Royal Commission gave the Malaysian public some hope that the credibility and integrity of the Judiciary might be restored, we are unimpressed with the proceedings and the procedural decisions made by the Commissioners thus far.
The Royal Commission must operate with the highest level of integrity and transparency so as not to be seen as feeding the rot which has tarnished the Malaysian Courts. I submit this new piece of evidence to the public, and extend my full cooperation to the Commission's ongoing proceedings.
The video can be seen on my website at http://www.anwaribrahim.com
Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

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