Saturday, August 9, 2008

Who should sign the letter from our office

Re: Bar Council Ruling No. 14.02
Further to our Circular No.: 131/2008 dated 7 th May 2008 and pursuant to the recent Bar Council meeting, it was agreed that the above Ruling be further amended to read as follow:-
“(1) Subject to paragraphs (2), (2a) and (3) of this Ruling, all letters, correspondence or communications issued or sent out on a law firm's letterhead must be signed by an Advocate & Solicitor having a current practising certificate. In particular but without affecting the generality of the foregoing, it is improper to issue or send an unsigned demand notice (whether computer-generated or otherwise).
(2) Any letter, correspondence or other communication which is purely administrative in nature and does not contain any advice on law, may be signed by a duly authorised person other than an Advocate and Solicitor. The name and designation of the signatory shall be stated below the signature.

(2a) Computer-generated reminders in respect of unpaid bills need not be signed.

(3) All correspondence from an Advocate and Solicitor or his office shall bear the complete postal address for service, as well as the telephone and facsimile numbers of the principal office and if such correspondence is from a branch office, the complete postal address as well as the telephone and facsimile numbers of that branch office.

(4) A duly authorised person may sign receipts on behalf of the firm.”
Kindly note the amendments accordingly.
Thank you.

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